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Zhanjiang imports record iron ore in 2017

Updated: 2018-02-07

Zhanjiang imports record iron ore in 2017

Iron ore is unloaded from a ship using hoisting machinery at the port of Baosteel Zhanjiang. [Photo by Hu Miaojie/Zhanjiang Daily]

Imports of iron ore in Zhanjiang jumped by 28 percent in 2017 to reach a record high of 42.68 million tons, according to the city's Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Statistics from the bureau reveal that Australia and Brazil were Zhanjiang's two biggest trading partners, with 83 percent of all iron imports coming from the two countries. Iron powder is the most in-demand variety to make its way through the Zhanjiang Port.

In 2015, Zhanjiang ranked 1st in Guangdong province and 9th nationwide in terms of iron ore imports with a total throughput of 23.06 million tons. This figure further increased with the opening of Baosteel Zhanjiang in 2016.

Behind the scenes, the bureau has made constant efforts to facilitate import procedures, increasing both volume and efficiency. In collaboration with Zhanjiang Customs, it has initiated one of the country's first 24-hour customs clearance channels.

Additionally, it also launched a special online customs clearance channel for local behemoth Baosteel Zhanjiang. The special channel allows the company to send data directly from its logistic platform to the customs declaration system, increasing efficiency and circumventing the need for paper.